Need a new study technique? Try testing yourself - it is an effective way to retain information and helps you find what topics require further study.

Self-testing really helps!

Try flashcards

  • Making flashcards can help you start to naturally recall information and definitions! 
  • Reviewing flashcards while riding the bus, or waiting in-line for coffee is an easy way to add review time.

Utilize practice questions and tests

  • Practice questions and tests can be very similar to the real thing.
  • Using them can be a very effective way of assessing your knowledge (or lack of familiarity) of certain topics.

Utilize example problems from class and textbooks

  • Similar to using practice tests, textbooks will often have additional practice problems in the back
  • Sometimes instructors will post extra work you can try

Quiz yourself or a study partner

  • Being prompted for an answer by a study partner can show you where you need to study more if you have trouble recalling some material

Write it down

  • Make an outline of topics and then write in as much as you can remember for each, like an info-dump

Additional suggestions

  • Repeatedly rereading word for word offers little benefit for further information retention. If you are rereading, interact with the text by summarizing in your own words or thinking of examples. 
  • Quickly rereading to jog you memory can help at times.
  • While you’re testing yourself, don’t peek at answers without trying on your own first. Peaking at answers can lead you to think it does not require additional study effort, or that you “already knew that”. 
  • Avoid overestimating what you can remember. Avoid telling yourself that it is “common sense” and that you will “get it eventually”. Sometimes, just an additional small effort is all you need.