Make some edits

After living with your initial schedule for a while, take time to review it.


  • How you are feeling mentally and physically?
  • How are you doing academically?

If something doesn’t feel quite right, make changes to your schedule to support your needs.

Common study challenges and suggestions


  • Consider adding small specific tasks to your calendar. Checking things off as ‘done’ can help build momentum.

Forgetting things

  • Consider using Google calendar and tasks to set reminders to help keep track of things.


  • Do you find it challenging to stay on task? Some people find motivation in a reward system. 
    • For example, if you complete your homework, reward yourself with one episode of your favorite show (no bingeing).

Preview the upcoming week

  • Choose a day each week to preview what's upcoming. Add specific tasks to your schedule based on next week's priorities and deadlines.