You are now able to:

  • Define ADHD and recognize some of the challenges of being a student with ADHD
  • Locate resources
  • Try new strategies to try to help develop executive functioning skills

Additional Resources

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Additional Resources

University Resources

Academic Success Centers

The Academic Success Centers provide peer tutoring, 1:1 academic coaching, skill-building courses, writing and research assistance, and more.

The Student Writing Center offers an 'Accountabilibuddy' program. In this program students are paired with a peer who sits with them, holds them accountable, encourages them as they write. 

Boynton Health

Boynton Mental Health Clinic offers psychiatry services (including medication management), neuropsych testing for ADHD and Autism, and mental health counseling. 

Boynton's group therapy can be an excellent way to connect with other students with similar experiences. Consider exploring the group “Me and My ADHD”.

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center provides students with ADHD accommodations in accordance with the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Accommodations are determined on an individualized basis.

Disabled Student Cultural Center

The Disabled Student Cultural Center has a variety of events tailored towards neurodiverse populations and meets regularly every semester.  

Student Counseling Service

Student Counseling Service provides one-to-one meetings with a counselor, and workshops to help with topics such as self-awareness, life balance, stress, and managing change.

Apps & Software

UMN apps portfolio lists a variety of apps that can help improve your skills related to productivity, studying, stress management, and mindfulness.

Time management - pomodoro apps provides several options to try out to help you track your time more effectively.


ADDA is the world’s largest organization dedicated exclusively to helping adults with ADHD to live better lives. 

CHADD provides evidence-based information and support for individuals with ADHD.

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