Navigate conflict

Conflict can be the most challenging element of group work. Let's look at a few common challenges that groups often encounter and possible ways to address the these challenges.

Common scenarios

One or two people are participating more than everyone else…

  • If you notice that you are participating more than everyone else, try to hold back and ask for others' opinions or ideas.
  • If someone else is participating more than everyone else, suggest that the group takes turns sharing their thoughts and ideas. 

My group keeps getting distracted…

  • Speak up with a gentle reminder for the group to get back to the planned topic. If getting off topic is a regularly occurring issue, acknowledge and address this as a group. 

People in my group repeatedly come unprepared…

  • Setting up expectations when the group is formed is critical. This is an excellent time to refer back to your group guidelines document as a team to remind individuals how they can come prepared for sessions.
  • Ensure each person understands what they need to prepare for the next meeting. 

Identify your approach to conflict