You are now able to:

  • recognize that test preparation starts in class
  • use new techniques to prepare for and take exams

Additional Resources

Academic Success Centers
Academic success centers provide a variety of services to help you succeed at the University.

Curve of Forgetting
Visual aid that illustrates how quickly information is forgotten if it is not regularly reviewed.

Disability Access Services
Works in partnership with students, faculty, and staff to eliminate or minimize barriers and facilitate inclusion on campus.

Pomodoro Technique
A popular time management method that alternates work sessions with breaks.

Study Group Tips
Study groups can be an effective study approach. Find tips for successful study sessions. 

Study Space Finder
Provides information and photos of places to study on campus. Information includes: seating, noise level, lighting, and technology access.

Test Question Tips
When preparing for a test, it can be helpful to consider strategies for specific types of questions.