If you... lack interest in the subject

  • Read actively. Raise questions and then read for answers. Recite what you have learned.
  • Relate the subject to you. Connect the course and content to your life, your goals, and your future.

If you... need better reading and study skills

If you... have trouble getting started

  • Choose specific spaces to study to help you associate studying in that location(s).
  • Set a definite starting time. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will be free to do other things.
  • Warm up to studying with a brief review.
  • Remove distracting visual (photographs, souvenirs) and auditory (favorite music) stimuli from your study space.

If you... worry about academic performance or deadlines

  • See your professor to talk over grades or unclear assignments.
  • Talk to your academic advisor to discuss difficulties you are experiencing.
  • Make an academic skills coaching appointment.
  • Build a schedule to organize how your use your time. Try using your UMN calendar (Google).  A benefit to using your UMN calendar is being able to sync it with Canvas course calendars!

If you... are distracted by noise

  • Find a study room, an empty classroom, or a corner in the library away from campus traffic.