Build a schedule

Use information from your syllabi and personal calendar to create a realistic study plan. Confirm the dates and times of your final exams.

  • For each class, make a list of the tasks you must complete. Prioritize your tasks.
  • Think of your tasks in terms of urgency and importance. Complete the most urgent/essential tasks first.
  • Consider your current academic standing in your classes and the percentage of your grade determined by the final. 
  • Anticipate demanding days and plan how you will work through them. 

Make a strategy to catch up on unread materials

If necessary, identify how much time you will dedicate to catching up. 

  • Preview the readings and materials. What topics were presented? 
  • Be strategic. Decide what parts of the readings you can omit or skim, and what parts you need to read more thoroughly.
  • Set strict time limits for each part.

After prioritizing the readings you plan to cover (try the Sq3R study method): 

  • Survey everything you decided to read. 
  • Question WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and HOW about the information.
  • Read. Focus on key sentences and concentrate on understanding the main ideas. Take notes on the content.
  • Recite and Review the readings to yourself immediately, self-testing at the end of each part.