You are now able to:

  • identify at least one study habit that you do not currently use to try out  
  • list ways to improve your study environment
  • manage your study time more effectively

Additional Resources

5+5 Review Method
Try this simple “5 + 5” review strategy. 10 minutes a day is all it takes to jump-start your note-taking.

Academic Success Centers
Academic success centers provide a variety of services to help you succeed at the University.

Assignment Calculator
Helps you plan large projects using timelines and reminders.

Class Participation
Participating in class can help you remember material better, develop communication skills, and increase comprehension.

Curve of Forgetting
Visual aid that illustrates how quickly information is forgotten if it is not regularly reviewed.

Google Calendar
Sync canvas course course calendars, manage academic, social, and work events in one place.

Instructor Office Hours and Communication
Office hours (in-person or online) are your time to meet with your instructors to ask questions, get & share feedback, learn about opportunities, make connections & more.

Pomodoro Technique
A popular time management method that alternates work sessions with breaks.

Sq3R Study Method
A study approach that can help you take an active approach to reading textbook material.

Study Space Finder 
Provides information and photos of places to study on campus. Information includes: seating, noise level, lighting, and technology access.