A drawing of a group of people.

Identify roles

When first meeting as a group, take time to learn about each other and use that information to discuss and then identify project roles.

Possible roles include:

  • Facilitator: Leads discussion with open-ended questions. Summarizes and clarifies group comments. Checks for consensus or questions from group members.
  • Organizer: Schedules meetings and arranges a timeline/agenda. Takes notes at meetings to send to everyone afterwards. Keeps the meeting on track.  
  • Editor(s): Compiles and edits different pieces of the project from group members to create consistency.
  • Researcher(s): Researches topics and sources for the project and presents information to the group.
  • Writer(s): Writes the final project/report/presentation.
  • Brain-stormer(s): Thinks about positives/negatives of ideas presented by the group and identifies possible solutions to problems.
  • Presenter(s): Works with group members to compile, create, and present information to the class.