Choose the right space for studying

Think about the physical space. Is there comfortable seating, table space, adequate light, and reasonable noise levels? Places where you socialize or sleep are good for those purposes, but not for studying.

Make it your own

This will be your learning space. Make it a place you want to be.

Remove distractions

Create a productive study space. Close unnecessary browers and apps. If your phone is not needed, silence notifications and place it out of reach. Some people think that they can study well with music or movies on in the background. This may be true in certain limited cases, but most often low/no background noise improves reading, memory, and recall.

Be prepared

Gather everything you will need to study such as books, technology, notes, paper, pens/pencils, water, snacks, etc. 

Internet matters

Make sure you have access to a reliable internet connection. Technology Help for Students can help answer your questions.