Libraries Search (books and articles)

The Libraries Search searches through millions of books and online articles from scholarly sources, newspapers and magazines, streaming media and more. 

Watch:  Let’s talk databases - Libraries Search

Video still from tutorial Let's talk databases - Libraries Search

Here’s how our search on the topic of superheroes looks in Libraries search. Our search strategy (combining keywords and applying search techniques) is:

superheroes AND "gender roles" AND (children or adolescent)

Video still of a search in Libraries Search from the UMN Libraries of the search superheroes AND "gender roles" AND (children or adolescent)

Academic Search Premier (articles)

Let’s say you were only looking for articles. Academic Search Premier is a smaller database but great for finding articles on a wide variety of topics. 

Watch:  Let’s talk databases - Academic Search Premier

Video still from tutorial lets talk databases - academic search premier

We tried Academic Search Premier on our topic and here’s what it looks like. Notice we had to remove some search terms because we were only getting a couple of results. Remember to start big and then narrow to fewer results.

Screenshot of a search strategy in Academic Search Premier. We searched for princesses or superheroes AND gender sterotypes or gender roles AND child or children or kids or youth

Using limits

Still in Academic Search Premier, we can use the filter to limit results by many things. We selected “peer reviewed” which only shows results from scholarly publications. Our results decreased because we told the database to not include news articles and popular magazine articles. You can also limit by material type, date, subject, and more.

Getting to the full text or PDF

Once you find an article you want, select the PDF or “full text” link. If neither option is listed, look for the maroon “Find It” button to link to the full text if we have it. If we don’t (or you aren’t sure), complete the online request form and the library staff will get it for you. You can also use the Library's “Chat” to get help!