The CORE system1 consists of four basic strategies for effective learning:


Start by collecting the information needed for the test.

  • Attend all classes and labs.
  • Read your textbooks and other assigned readings.


Next, organize the information. There is no 'perfect' system! Find what works best for you.


After organizing, it is time to rehearse the information.  Rehearsal will help you recall the information needed for tests.

  • Develop deep understanding by connecting new knowledge to something you already know or to something in your life.
  • Develop recall by using repetition or rote rehearsal.


Finally, use self-testing to evaluate your readiness for your upcoming test.

  • Anticipate what might be on the test and ask yourself critical questions.
  • Ask a friend or classmate to quiz you. Many textbooks have end-of-chapter quizzes that you can use.
  • Complete practice exams.

1Downing, S. (2013). On course. Cengage Learning. 25-26.