Eliminate excessive options

Create routines. Repeatedly making even small choices depletes your mental energy.

Example: Instead of spending time each day figuring out what to eat, consider prepping all your meals for the week. 


Visualize the small steps you need to do daily in order to achieve a larger goal. This also has a positive effect on your emotions, the practice of breaking down large projects into smaller, more managable steps helps reduce anxiety.

Example: If you want an A on a paper, visualize the steps needed to get there: writing drafts, seeking feedback, talking to a writing tutor, and researching in the Libraries.

Find out why

New (good) habits are often very fragile and small disturbances can derail them. To strengthen good habits, find out exactly why things are breaking down.

Example: You are unable to get into a new study routine. Things might be breaking down because of your study space. Is it in a distracting area? Could it be better organized?