Test Like an Ace: Additional Resources

You’ve now learned about important things to do to prepare for exams as well as tools to help you before, during, and after exams.

You are now able to:

  • Recognize how class content relates to exams
  • Understand how to apply tips for exam preparation
  • Use new techniques to prepare for and take exams

Additional Resources

  • Top 49 Ways to Beat Test Anxiety
  • The Curve of Forgetting
    Reviewing class notes and content soon after class is important for future recall.
  • SMART Learning Commons
    Visit the SMART Learning Commons for a variety of academic support including tutoring in many University of Minnesota courses, library research support, English language support, and more.
  • Worksheet for Exploring a Returned Exam
    Use this form to analyze a returned exam and determine if your mistakes stem from preparation habits, content mastery, or the testing situation so you can build a targeted improvement plan.