Class Content & Exam Preparation

Preparation for your first test begins on the first day of class. This includes paying attention during lecture, taking good notes, studying, completing homework assignments, and reviewing study materials on a regular basis.

Tips for keeping up with class content

  • Keep up with reading assignments throughout the course so that there will be no need to cram. 
  • Set aside 15-30 minutes for each subject every week to review. If we do not review and revisit material, it leaves our memory very quickly. In the first 24 hours alone we forget about 30% of what we learned. We can see the effects of this in the Curve of Forgetting.
  • Review class notes, homework, and reading assignments so that by the time exams come along, material from early in the semester will not be forgotten.
  • To avoid completely re-reading the text, prepare it for review by judiciously underlining key words and phrases, then outlining the underlined material.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions about material you do not understand. You need to really understand before you will remember.

Now that you know some strategies for not getting behind in class during the semester, next you will learn about a proven "learning system" that will help you learn and remember content for a test.

The Curve of Forgetting

Revisiting notes soon after your class is important for your ability to recall the content for a test. See why: The Curve of Forgetting.