Effective Stress Management

Stress is a natural response to the world. It has benefits, but too much stress can harm you.

Start to manage your stress by following these steps:

1. Be aware of the sources of your stress and how you experience it.

For example: I grind my teeth while cleaning my roommate’s mess.

2. Develop a healthy strategy to manage your stress, the stressor, or both.

For example: I’m anxious about my living situation - I make an appointment with Student Counseling Services to talk about how to communicate directly and assertively with my roommate.

3. Evaluate if what you did is working. As you reflect on your stress and stressors, you will build effective strategies to use in the future.

For example: Talking to my roommate about the mess leads to making a cleaning schedule, which is helping keep my stress down.

It's great to have strategies for managing stress, but you'll still need some skills for responding to stress.